Am I late?

Am I late??? This was the question than rumbled past my mind when I saw a WCG2 headed BCNA rake rushing towards south Mumbai at Kurla. I had already missed my 7:19 Ambernath Fast and was waiting for the 7:24 Kasara Fast. The WCG2 and the Kasara local rushed into Kurla at the very same time. The local had many empty seats in the front First class coach - 352 A. This coach had many evidences in it prove that the coach was ex-WR! The Suburban Map stuck at the door was torn at many places and was clearly showing off the WR map beneath it! The speakers of the PA system had WR markings on it! The Western - Paschim marking on the exterior of the coach was shabbily painted over with the new markings Central - Madhya. CR is making the most of these rakes! People enjoy travelling or flying at 100 kmph in the suburban section!
The train was a good performer. She managed to fly until Vikhroli. From Vikhroli onwards, she was riding the Yellows! All the signals were at Caution aspect. Rarely some of them managed to turn to Attention Required or Double Yellow just as the cab nears the signal! The train kept losing time. We almost overtook a 12-Car AC/DC EMU working a Dombivli Slow after Mulund. This particular rake (#355C - Rear Driving cab) is 12-car long and the front three coaches are the MRVC prototype ones! We almost overtook the train, but we got an yellow while she had a green!!! Sad!
I will surely travel on that train very soon - I Don't mid travelling 5 minutes more but for the experience of that MRVC coaches! (Will post on them soon) We crossed the Vidarbha express just before Mulund! This train always has about 2 2As and one 3A. I couldn't spot the Chalukya today (Am I late?). I spotted WDM3A #14140 from Erode sleeping off at Kurla (There is no service of Jan Shatabdhi today!).

Oops! Yesterday - I had an interesting spot! Ratlam WDM3A 182XX in a new Jazzy livery sprinted across Thane with an interesting load - An NG loco (couldn't note the shed!) on a flat car! The loco was looking freshly painted at Parel.

Today in the evening, I saw the KR3 towards Ratnagiri with 18757R from Pune in charge! I finally came over the loss of not seeing the Chalukya today!

More to come tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
352 A never appeared on WR. It must have been transferred to CR before it could be run by WR