A WDP4...So close!

(The loco in the above image is WDP4 #20025, Photographed by me at Bangalore in December 2005)

I had a "close-up" look at a WDP4 loco today for the first time in my life! The loco was WDP4 #20026 from Krishnarajapuram working the 0103 Mumbai CST - Madgaon Mandavi Express! WDP4 is a 4000 HP Diesel Locomotive imported by Indian Railways from GM's Electro-Motive Department (EMD). Now these locos are built by Diesel Loco Works (DLW) at Varanasi. The loco, also fondly called as a "Monster" by Railfans, is longer than normal Diesel Locos and has a peculiar whine.
The loco stopped about 30 metres away from me! She was "gigantic"! The loco working with its long hood forward i.e., the loco was working the same way as shown in the above image. Just imagine that the coach is coupled near the cabin. This type of working is said to be most difficult for most loco pilots!
The loco attracted all passengers who were waiting for a Mumbai CST bound "Fast" local on the adjacent platform! This "monster" arrived at platform 7 of Thane, and the loco stopped just in front of me! The "cage" like radiators of this loco was damaged (probably hit something at a good speed!!!) and there were cracks all over! The sanders of the loco is gigantic!!! I could not take an image (or rather I resisted from doing so!) in the wake of recent bomb blasts in Mumbai! Hopefully, I will have the chance to keep track of these WDP4s in Mumbai!!!


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