Writer's Block!

Writing was a hobby I had enjoyed a lot in the past. The last one year had not been so! I am sure you'd agree with me. Platform7 was born as a blog, and I am proud of its antecedents. I wish I could always continue this blog - and I continue to make efforts for it as well!

Image from the Internet!

I started vlogging towards the end of 2021 - I am not sure if that is the reason, but I've not been able to dedicate time to write blogs here since. The year 2022 had plenty of journeys - so much of them that it should've been a fest out here on this blog. Although I managed to record and upload videos of pretty much most of the journeys, except the mundane overnight journeys from Kasaragod to my hometown, I wasn't able to recreate my journeys in text!

Changes in my work profile now means lesser journeys - so probably lesser videos - and may be more blogs now!!

You won't believe me - but this post remained in my draft for a long time! Keeping my fingers crossed so that I get the time and energy to write more in the coming days!


rahulvijayev said…
Definitely missing reading you blogs. The 5 minutes of that reading gave more engaging vibes than of viewing a whole length uncut video!