What an action packed year, 2012 was...

It is a customary exercise that I do at the end of every year - I usually put up a small recap of the things that dotted the year. This year, the recap itself comes after the year went past. I was unusually busy over the last three days - the last day of 2012 and the first two days of this mint fresh year.

The year had generally been good for me - I completed my post-graduation in Pharmacy, and now proudly roam around as a post graduate. I returned to college about 5 months after graduation - returned not to study, but to teach - I now teach at a Pharmacy college.

This was one journey packed year - exactly the way I like. Trains took the back seat in my journeys - it was mostly by buses. I did a staggering 13300-odd kms by Multi-axle buses itself! This included my longest journey by bus (19.5 hours).

I was selected for three different jobs, and selected the one that I am currently in - God had been too gracious to me when it came to jobs at that time.

I fulfilled my long pending dream of setting foot at Rameswaram, and capturing the iconic railway bridge there.

I made my first ever visit to a dentist - that was one painful experience. He extracted 4 teeth (wisdom tooth), and there was one helluva experience. The dental surgeon drilled into, used shovels and did a lot of excavation to unearth my tooth.

I got a chance to visit my city of love - Aamchi Mumbai! It was a wonderful and short trip to Mumbai - hope to visit the city soon.

The year gave me sorrows and joys alike - some little things hurt me a lot, while even smaller things elated me. Hope the new year too has both the sides of the coin, and remains eventful as ever.

I must write this - the country held its head low in shame as a poor girl was torn brutally by some cruel souls - may be poor girl's soul rest in peace, and hopefully her death does not go in vain. I usually upload a photo with the recap post - but in respect to the departed soul, let there be no photo this time.

Wishing everyone a very prosperous and fun-filled year ahead!
Happy New Year 2013!!!
 With lots of wishes that all your wishes come true in life... but, remember that better things in life happen only with hardwork.

My India! My Pride!


Sunup said…
A very happy new year to you too and your dear ones!
Unknown said…
Wish you a very happy new year Binai