The year that was....

Another year comes to an end... 2008 was truly a very eventful year. The new year is hardly 90 minutes from now. A quick recap at what the year was for me!

The biggest event for 2008, was that I shifted base from the Commercial Capital of India, Mumbai, to city that is called with various names ranging from the Pensioner's Paradise to the Garden City to the Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore. This maha-event took place in April. 

Although the year started with a bang - by a full day railfanning at Panvel, less than half the year later, I abandoned the very station and moved close to 1000 kilometres away. Railfanning has been lower than any other year.

I changed my stream of work from a BPO to a Media Intelligence Firm. The very basic of my job changed from Life Sciences to Language! A very interesting job with tonnes of information from across the globe going through by keyboard on a daily basis! I am Loving it!

I became a Registered Pharmacist! Yes! I am now a registered Pharmacist at the Kerala State Pharmacy Council!

I turned more to my old timer hobby - bus-spotting! I have being doing more of bus-spotting than train spotting since moving over to Bangalore!!!

From the land of DC traction to the land of AC traction - All in a year!!!!

To conclude it all in the language of an IRFCAn, from the year of the Mysore-Chennai Shatabdi (2008) to the year of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi (2009)! I hope this year has more trains and buses in for me and everyone else!

Wishing everyone around a very happy and prosperous year ahead!
Happy New Year 2009!!!

I sincerely hope that this year brings more peace to the nation, and express my heart felt condolences to the souls of those who lost their life in various miscreant acts through the year.

My India! My Pride!


Anonymous said…
Hi Binai,

I am regular visitor to your blog site but now a days you are disappointing me. After October you haven't posted only two postings. I was wondering what happened to you in between.

My hearty new year wishes to you.

Binai K Sankar said…
Hi Mr Anand,

Thanks for the patronage.. work pressures kept me off from blogging often. Will try to keep up my old pace starting this year on...

Happy new year!
Anonymous said…
Hi Binai,

I am a regular reader of your blog. You have very neatly arranged your pics in Picasa web albums too. Btw, I think you stay close to Kodichikkanahalli. I too stay close by. Expecting new wonderful posts from you soon.
You can mail me
Hello Binai, I just started reading your blog and I enjoy it very much. It is great to see a perspective from a far away place. I blog from Canada and the trains are very different here. I am not into buses (except to take one to work) but I know people who "busfan".

My condolences to your countrymen for the recent events. Keep up the good work and my best in the new year.