Eventless days...

It was all event less days these days... It was all about rushing to office in the morning, and returning back home tired... As if a routine, I was late on all days, leaving home only by 0645, and then rushing down t office to reach there by 0700-0705. It was like a routine that I never returned from office before 4 pm. Though my shift ends at 1500, some work or the other used to keep me at office atleast till 1600 (On one day it went upto 1800!).

The only railfanning all these days were seeing a Kalyan WDM2 (#18068) dozing off at Turbhe (APMC Yard). The loco is assigned for shunting duties at the yard. #18068 used to be a star loco of Kalyan, and she was a regular with holiday specials all the time! Today she dons a "brown" livery marking her as "de-rated" for shunting duties only! An Original ALCO, she has already outlived her life!

There has been good container traffic these days to APMC. There were two rakes yesterday at APMC. One was ready to depart with a WCAG1 in charge, while the other was being shunted towards the container complex for unloading. The "No-Camera" Policy of my office is putting me off from taking pics of these guys! May be I'll carry a camera one day to get their pics!