Monday, August 11, 2008

Bangalore-Mumbai-Kerala odyssey! Done....

I am finally back in Bangalore after a 2885 kilometre round trip spanning over 7 days! I started off on August 03 (Sunday) heading to Mumbai on board the 6530 Udyan Express. It was Krishnarajapuram WDP4 #20044 which did the honors of taking me to Mumbai.

The train left Bangalore on time, and we managed to be not much delayed through the trip and reached Mumbai with a delay of just 3 minutes!

It was then two rain drenched days in Mumbai, when i was busy to the core with time for nothing! Still managed to sneak in an hour long railfanning at Ghatkopar and Kurla.

It was then time to head Kerala! I took the Netravati Express from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus on August 07. The loco that did the honors on this trip was WDM3D #11149 of Erode. The run was normal, and we were more-or-less on time till we reached Kudal, but was about an hour late the next morning! Finally landed up at Trichur delayed by around 51 minutes.

After two full days of relaxation at home, it was now time to head back to work in Bangalore! My booking was on the 6528 Yeswantpur express, boarding at Shoranur. Since, there were no proper connecting trains from Thrissur, I decided to take a bus all the way to Shoranur. I took a bus first from Kodungallur to Thrissur, and then another one from Thrissur to Shoranur (A detailed report on these may be expected soon!).


I reached Shoranur by around 2000 for a 2150 train! With close to two hours in hand, I had the liberty of checking around the station, but rains and heavy baggage made be settle down on Platform 2/3 itself! My train turned in at around 2118 (instead of 2145). The loco doing the honors was WDM3A #14083 of Krishnarajapuram! My coach was a 1997 built 3A coach. The cooling was really effective! The train left Shoranur sharp on time!

My sleep was slightly disturbed since I picked up an allergy (probably was caused by dry mouth!). I had kept an alarm for 0430. Got up in the morning, and headed straight to the door! We were then heading to the loop line of Rayakkotai for a crossing. Finally landed up at Hosur at 0543, delayed by about 25 minutes.

I got down at Hosur and headed off to the bus station. The rickshaw driver made a killing carrying four passengers on a share basis charging Rs 20 per head for a hardly 2 km ride! Buses were, being a monday morning, pretty crowded and many headed off without stopping!

Finally managed a to get into a TNSTC Salem-Bangalore bus and got down at Bommanahalli, and reaching home finally by 0700 (earlier than the train reaching Yeswantpur!). What a trip it was!

You can see the images here.... bye for now!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Heading back to Bangalore!

After a week long journey, its now time to head back to job in bangalore! The usual run-of-the-mill trains are running full, and i decided to take the Kannur-Yeswantpur tri-weekly express. I am now waiting for that train to reach Shoranur - the station most convenient for me.
The journey from home, at Kodungallur, to Shoranur was interesting - all the way by bus with a change over at Thrissur. I reached the station at 8 pm. The loco in the image above is a WAP1. The loco was spotted sleeping off at the platform. The arrival of my train is already announced - a full 30 minutes early! I can see the train already coming in! More details tomorrow!

Friday, August 08, 2008

In Kerala...

Finally, have made it to Kerala! My 6345 Netravati Express managed to reach Trichur at around 1344 - over 40 minutes late! The journey was overall good.... more news coming soon...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Returning from mumbai - 2

Oh! What a run! The monsoon restrictions on KR seem a bit relaxed this year around - thanks to the under performing monsoon! My train managed to keep good speeds every time it was possible. It was raining almost since we entered kr territory!
We are now at Ratnagiri, just slightly behind schedule. We were made to wait for most crossings, but that doesn't seem to affect the spirits of our pilots, who just handed over duties to a new set.
The occupancy in my coach is poor.. More details on the trip follows..

On my return journey!

After spending two wet days in Mumbai, it now is the time for me to head back home. I am heading home, to kerala, on board the thiruvananthapuram bound Netravati express!
I joined the train at LTT itself. The loco working my train is WDM3D #11149 of Erode. We left LTT with a delay of about 2 minutes. We crossed Pen a while back, and are now blasting off towards Roha. The loco is a decent smoker, and the pilots are doing a really awesome job! More info on this trip would keep coming as and when GPRS reception is available.. Bye for now!

Monday, August 04, 2008

heading to mumbai..almost close!

The tortuous journey to Mumbai is almost heading to a close.. We were before time at Daund, and also at Pune home signal! We had a long-ish wait at pune home for that speck of yellow which would allow us in!
Though we were before time at the signal, we got delayed by 9 minutes by the time we stopped on platform 4. We had to wait till the Mumbai - Thiruvananthapuram express pulled into platform 3. Platform one was occupied by a rake of Jhelum express and two was held by Gyan Ganga. The latter got twin MLY WDMx locos later!
Platform 5 was occupied by a pretty early running Koyna express.. We finally left Pune at 1604, after accumulating a delay of 14 minutes! Hopefully we make up the loss by the time the train reaches Mumbai!

heading to mumbai..

Here we are.. Kurduwadi was reached at 1253, delayed by 19 minutes. We started moving out of this station at 1256.
Its been raining almost continuously since morning. Its drizzling even at this moment.. More news as I reach mumbai..

Off to mumbai..

Good morning! My train is now at Raichur - running late by about an hour and 30 minutes.. The reason for the delay is not known!
there goes the starter.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Heading off to mumbai...

It finally is here... Another visit to mumbai.. I am taking a train that i've never traveled on - the 6530 Udyan express. The loco heading my train is WDP4 20044 of Krishnarajapuram.
My coach is A1 - 00063 based at bangalore. The AC is yet to be switched on.. It rained pretty well a while back, and the platforms were too slippery to walk on!
Psst! We've started moving... perfectly on time...