2019: Whatta year it's been!

This is perhaps the best year I've had in my life! It beats 2018 by a large margin!! While 2018 saw me becoming a married man, 2019 made me a father! Father of a lovely girl!

Every single month of this year was happening! January 2019 brought the sweetest news in my life - that our family is growing bigger! September 2019 saw the new member being born!

On the travel front, this year has been the best! 24900 kilometres of journeys by bus! This is the highest ever! Trains took me around for over 7300 kilometres - the highest in last decade for sure! There were no journeys by air this year.

Just as I wished the last year, all the 365 days of this year were action packed and fun filled! I really hope the next years to come are also the same!

I have days and days to go with the cute Abhi! Thank you dear for coming into our lives!

Turning on to the new pages of the new year! I hope to fill all the 365 pages of the next year with lovely memories!

Wishing all my readers a very happy, prosperous and fun-filled year ahead!

Happy New Year 2019!!!

 With lots of wishes that all your wishes come true in life... but, remember that better things in life happen only with hardwork.

My India! My Pride!


Sunup said…
Happy and prosperous 2020 to your and family!
Mac said…
Wow ... that definitely was an action packed & cuteness filled year, Wishing u a fabulous 2020 Binai !!