Palakkad to Bengaluru: KSRTC Airavat Club Class, again!

This service from Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (2130PGTBNG) is my new found hot favourite! This bus departs on time, and usually arrives before time - giving me sufficient time to have a short nap at home before heading to work. I booked this bus without a second though for my return from Palakkad to Bengaluru this time as well (and I will mostly do that for most of the future trips as well!)

August 19, 2019:
I got to the KSRTC bus station in Palakkad around 2100hrs - with enough time for my bus. I received an SMS with the bus number a few minutes before reaching the bus station - I was quite excited to note that I was getting a different bus every time I took this service! The bus was parked right at the exit gate of the bus station - as usual. Boarding hadn't commenced at this point of time. They commenced boarding around 2110hrs - I remained outside for some more time. I had two pieces of baggage and wanted to leave one in the boot - the conductor was accepting on bags with hard casing, while mine was a rucksack. He advised to leave the bag inside the coach since it was raining quite heavily and the water could seep into the boot and damage my bag.
The bus: KA-01-F-9352 of Bengaluru-4 depot

I could manage to get space in the overhead rack to secure my bag. This service seems to be always sold out - this day was no different. Boarding was completed quickly, but departure was delayed for unknown reasons. We started off at 2136hrs - six minutes behind schedule. My window was partially covered by the sleeping baby. I considered that a blessing on that day since the sticker cuts off most light. The bus took the route via Manappullikkavu to get to the highway. I pushed back my seat and quickly got set to sleep. The AC wasn't very effective - it was fairly warm inside the bus, and the air vents above my seat kept closing time and again.

I slept off quickly - but kept waking up time and again due to the air vent closing up. The driving was good - as usual. I kept drifting asleep time and again - I think the bus stopped for a break in the morning. The bus was stationary when I woke in between (around 0230hrs) - so that must have been a break. The lights weren't turned on then, though. It was raining quite badly outside at the time. I slept off soon later. The bus reached Electronic City at 0431hrs - 11 minutes later than my last journey. The bus took the road below the elevated highway towards Silk Board.

We got to Silk Board by 0444hrs, to Madiwala Police Station by 0447hrs and to St. Johns by 0450hrs. The conductor was at the wheels at the moment, and he was quite fast as well. The bus got to Shantinagar at 0504hrs - the driver wanted to terminate the trip here and even convinced some passengers to get off. The conductor thought otherwise and asked the driver to continue to Kempegowda Bus Station - we started off at 0506hrs. We managed to get to Majestic by 0516hrs - about 24 minutes later than my previous trip. Although this was the latest among my trips on this service, the bus was still over 20 minutes before time!

Remarks: The bus, KA-01-F-9352 homed at Bengaluru-4 depot had closed about 16.22 Lakh kilometres! The bus was in great shape - the interiors were clean. The crew were great - the driving style was sleep friendly, as usual. The driver was gearing it perfectly, and wasn't lugging the engine. The conductor was very friendly - he adviced passengers to leave soft bags inside the bus, since it was raining and there is a possibility of water getting into the boot. I loved this journey!

Blanket: Yes
Water: Yes
Snacks: No
Charging Point: Available, Did not use.
Entertainment: Available, Not used.

Maintenance: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Driving: 5/5
Crew behaviour: 5/5
Punctuality: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

Pros: Good bus, efficient, comfortable, value for money!
Cons: Nothing specific!

Will I take this service again? Absolutely!