Bengaluru to Kalaburagi on Basava Express

The reason why I took Basava Express was explained earlier. I was eager about this opportunity for another reason - that this was a rare opportunity for me to try the Basava Express. This train departs quite early, and is impossible for me to take this train during regular working days.

July 05, 2019:
I had arrived in KSR Bengaluru from Mysuru at 1612hrs by the Shatabdi Express. My next stop was the Hallimane outlet on the island between Platform 6 and 7, near the Okalipuram side entrance of the station. I picked my dinner from here, and stocked some water and packaged drinks from there. In the meantime, announcements were made that Basava Express would arrive on Platform 10 - I was expecting it on Platform 7 (right here) though! Pun unintended!
WDP4 #20022 getting ready for my train..

The locomotive that would work my train, WDP4 #20022 of Hubli was preparing to take over - loco pilots were already around, and the pointsman was preparing the coupler of the locomotive. Basava Express arrived from Mysore at 1644hrs with WAP7 #30426 of Royapuram (and a dead WAP7 of Lallaguda) in lead. My coach, B1, was at the forward end of the train. Not many passengers boarded from here - the interiors of the coach was dull and looked quite aged. I left my bag below the berth and occupied an empty seat nearby. Other passengers were using my seat - and there were huge bags kept in the area between the berths.

The train departed from Bengaluru at 1705hrs - five minutes behind schedule. The train crawled past Malleswaram, and then stopped at Yeshwantpur outer for a while. We finally got to Platform 2 at Yeshwantpur at around 1731hrs. Interestingly, most of the coach emptied here, and refilled. Quite a lot of unreserved passengers also got in. Most of the berths in my coach were empty, and even those booked were largely from Anantapur! We left from Yeshwantpur at 1741hrs (6 minutes behind schedule). This was perhaps my first time traveling from Yeshwantpur to Yelahanka in day light. We reached Yelahanka at 1804hrs and departed at 1807hrs (12 minutes behind schedule).
Basava coming in from Mysuru..

Not many catering vendors came in to the coach - and all that came were mostly dinner items. I had already purchased my dinner - but wanted to have some snack. It got boring as it got darker outside - and my only solace was the movies on my phone. In the meantime, the train stopped at Doddaballapur (1843hrs) and Gauribidanuru (1931hrs). We got to Hindupur by 1955hrs and departed by 1957hrs (37 minutes behind schedule). I had my dinner after the train departed from Hindupur. I wanted to sleep early, since I had to alight quite early at Kalaburagi.

We got to Dharmavaram at 2058hrs. Back those days when traveling from Mumbai to Coimbatore was a regular instance, I used to wait for Dharmavaram for those delicious Dhal Vadas. There were none on the platform - may be since it was quite late then. We started from Dharmavaram at 2116hrs - about 21 minutes behind schedule. I set up my berth soon later, and hit the bed quickly. All the berths around mine were still empty - and all of them were boarding only from Anantapur. I vaguely remember people boarding and settling in their berths - the commotion did break my sleep. I managed to sleep quite well later - woke up only as the train pulled in to Shahabad (0433hrs). The berths around me were vacant again! I moved to the side lower berth, and got ready to alight at Kalaburagi. The train finally got to Kalaburagi at 0455hrs - five minutes behind schedule.

Journey in a Nutshell:Train Number: 17307 Mysuru - Bagalkot Basava Express
Loco link: WDP4 #20022 of Hubli shed
Coach: B1, WGACCN 00127 built by RCF, Kapurthala in 2000. Based at Hubli.

Ratings:Punctuality: 10/10 (Negligible delay at either ends)
Cleanliness: 10/10 (Was absolutely clean, even the next day morning!)
Catering: Not Applicable

Overall: 10/10 

Except the fact that the train departs very early from Bengaluru, this train is a great option for traveling to Kalaburagi. The early arrival at Kalaburagi also allowed me have a nap after reaching there. In fact, I had a nice long walk from the railway station to the hotel (all thanks to the exorbitant fares quoted by auto guys). I could sleep quite well in the train, and that was the best part of the journey. Seat availability didn't seem to be an issue in this train, since there were plenty of empty berths even on a weekend! Good one again!