My first international sojourn: A prelude

Warning! This is only a prelude. Longer posts would follow!

It was a long journey from getting my passport in 2011 to getting that first red Immigration seal in 2017.

Sometime in the beginning of 2016, I was inspired to apply for the FIP Pharmabridge program. It was a casual attempt, and I wasn't really serious. It took almost a year for the paperwork to complete, and sometime in January 2017 came the approval to partake in the FIP Pharmabridge on-site practice exposure program. I was selected to spend 4 weeks on site at a prestigious pharmacy institution in the United States. Three-and-a-half long months of paper works followed.

Obtaining the visa was the most interesting part - and I was quite intrigued by the absolute lack of helpful information for the Visa processing. I plan to write on that soon.

Next work to do was booking tickets. My trip in the US had a few domestic trips as well. Based on my requirements, I decided to a round trip to the US first, and then adding on the domestic segments as need arises.

Tickets were cheap as I began searching for them, but they got really expensive as it took some time for the approvals from office to fall in place. Being an academic institution, my office had its own limitations to free a staff for close to 40 days! The first thing I did on getting approvals was book the tickets. I needed a website that let me pay the ticket in installments - and it was Goibibo that fit my requirements.

After searching tickets in different permutations and combinations, I picked up the following booking:
BLR FRA LH755 B748
FRA ORD UA906 B772
ORD DTW UA474 A320

DTW FRA LH442 A343
FRA BLR LH754 B748

Except the odd A320 from ORD to DTW, and the repeat of the B748, its all new aircrafts for me!

As I continued my discussions with the sites I would be visiting, I had to book the rest of the tickets. The domestic flying in the US would be as below:

CMH IAD United Express CRJ700
IAD ROC United Express E145
ROC DTW Delta CRJ200

[I have skipped the flight numbers - since I am getting a little lazy to search for them]

Over the next 45 days or so, I hope to be writing more about these flights, and my experiences here in the US - oh yeah! I am already in the US as I post this. 


Anonymous said…
Hi, great reading your trip report. I flew the same segment (DTW - FRA - BLR) a week back. Do read my trip report :)