Buckle up... you are worth a lot!

Why should I wear the seat belt? We are in the city, and you are not going to be driving fast....

Its so uncomfortable.. there is no cops around. Why should I pull that this over?

I'll hold it over.. there is no checking. 

These are among the few common statements that I get when people are asked to buckle up - wear their seatbelts. I've seen people getting irritated when asked to buckle up. At many points, I declare blunt - buckle up, else we ain't moving.

Wearing seat belt is often seen as an offensive by the so-called modern and literate society in India. Although there exists a law mandating all passengers to wear seat belts, it is at best implemented selectively. Only front seat passengers are forced to wear seatbelt - and in many cases people wear them only when entering city limits or police hotspots, and remove the moment they leave the zone - as if they are doing a favour to the police.

Please wear the seatbelt the moment you sit in a Car - irrespective of whether you are in the front seat or at the rear. Lives are very precious, and it isn't fair to leave them on road.

Seatbelts and Helmets are the most hated stuff by drivers in our country - its not uncommon to see guys wearing helmets on their hands, or better still leave it hanging on the mirror - afterall, the mirror is more precious than their head. The police have come up with an interesting phrase:

Omlet aakan njan ille, helmet itte odikkoo (Translation: I don't want to become an omlette. Will drive only with a helmet).

A very amusing sentence, but conveys a sad reality of what could happen to one's head in case of accident!

See this video to know how important Seat belts are:

I stop my post with the video above. (Video taken from YouTube: Copyright rests with the original creator)


You said, Binay.
Its not a news now a days, general public is supporting bike riders, who are stoped to book, for not wearing helmet. Our illiterate media idiots even titled this excercise. "Police Helmet VETTA"!!
Still, Binay, we (keralites) are far better, if compared with other states in India.