Phew! Am back!

Finally back at home - sweet home, after a trip to Chennai and Vellore, spanning over 5 days. While the climate at Chennai was unexpectedly pleasant, Vellore was harsh and unbearable. The trip was official in nature - ours was a group of 24 students and 2 faculty members. We attended the Indian Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (and the Indian Pharmaceutical Association Convention) at Chennai. A group of 16 (15 students + 1 faculty) returned after the congress on Sunday (March 14), while the remaining 10 (including yours truly) headed on an educational visit to Christian Medical College, Vellore.

The trip would be detailed in the coming days. An outline is here: Ernakulam to Chennai by 6042 Alappuzha-Chennai Express, Chennai to Vellore on a TNSTC Ultra Deluxe, Vellore to Chennai on a TNSTC Volvo B7RLE and finally Chennai to Thrissur by 6041 Alappuzha Express. Now let me head to clear my mailbox - its already ticked past 258 mails... the past 5 days of "off-line" life was surely interesting!


Anonymous said…
I sincerely hope you have taken some Railfanning photos. It has been really looooong time since we have had an update from you as far as Railfanning photos are concerned. Please upload them as soon as you practically can if you have taken them!
Existing said…
I study in VIT Vellore, and I know exactly what you're talking about, regarding the weather. :-)