A very quick trip to Mumbai

Wednesday (August 05, 2009) presented a new demand to me - a visit to Mumbai. A huge list of works to be done in Mumbai - the fact that I had to be back in Kerala on Monday meant that this was no simple job to be done. The time was already past 1700 hours. Most of the direct trains to Mumbai had already departed by then, and the only remaining one already had closed reservations. Now began the hunt for alternate connections - the deadline of reaching back on Monday was making things difficult, given the fact that all I had was one day - Friday (Satuday, being the second one this month, was a holiday).

Matsyagandha Express (that runs between Mangalore and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus) was quickly zeroed in, and it had plenty of seats. I made a reservation quickly, without thinking how would I reach there. Now the hunt for trains to reach Mangalore began - those trains too had closed reservations. Road journey was completely ruled out - for the lack of proper connections. Finally, I decided to take a risk - to travel unreserved. Finally, left home at around 2030.

The final route plan to reach Mumbai was:
By Bus from Home to Ernakulam Town Railway Station. Train 6629 (Malabar Express) from there to Mangalore. Then, Train 2620 (Matsyagandha Express) from Mangalore to Panvel and finally an EMU from Panvel to Vashi (where I would be staying). Malabar Express was chosen over 6347 Trivandrum-Mangalore Express just to rule out being stranded at Ernakulam for non-availability of seats on 6347.

I had a very very tiring day in Mumbai, almost completely on my toes until about 1700 at evening. Now, plans for the return journey were being charted out. I called up my brother to find out ticket availability for that night, and finally managed at Tatkal ticket on 1013 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus - Coimbatore Express. Reached Coimbatore on Sunday morning, and then took a bus to Palakkad. From Palakkad, took yet another bus to reach Thrissur, and then a third bus to reach home.

Very detailed reports from the journey is expected to be posted in the days to come...


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