The Northern Hop

A trip out of the blue, to the land of the whites - this is what can be said about a journey of mine, that I commence today. The journey is about 5833 kms long (all on trains), planned to be completed in 8 days - starting and ending on Saturday. The journey begins today at 1030 hrs (July 11, 2009) and would end on July 18, 2009, perhaps at 1030 hours itself.

The trip would include just three trains, with the first one alone lasting about 2400 kms and 53 hours. The approximate trip schedule is: Thrissur to Chandigarh on the 2653 Kerala Sampark Kranti, Chandigarh to New Delhi by 2006 Kalka-NDLS Shatabdi (on the 16th of June) and New Delhi to Thrissur by 2626 Kerala Express (departing from NDLS on the 16th of June).

Its a no-brainer trip, intended to have very little railfanning other than the ones while traveling. I do hope to keep updating the blog, but all that depends on GPRS connectivity (Thanks to BSNL, that has a different access setting for each circle, much to the 'help' of roaming customers!).

The land of the whites.... here I come...

Psst! The phrase whites is derived from the railway lingo for 3-Phase Electric Locomotives... throw away that racism :)