And finally it goes down...

The Karnataka State Transport Department took a move - that is often described as "political currency" - to reduce bus fares. The department was swift in increasing fares when fuel prices had hit the roof in August. Taking the same stance, the department even reduced fares when fuel prices went down. New fares came into effect this morning, and most passengers were in for a real surprise!

The fares in Ordinary and Pushpak (Pushpak Plus and Janapriyavahini) buses were rolled back to the same level as it was before August. The surprise came later! The exhorbitant Suvarnas have finally been tamed down! Effective today, the fares in Suvarna Buses have been brought down to the rates of Pushpak services. And to add more sweetness to the deal, Daily Passes and Monthly Passes (Pushpak Class) are now valid on these buses!

These stickers - "Passes Not Allowed" is now history! These stickers have either been removed from these buses, or the "Not" has been painted over or scratched off. What a change!

Fare cuts have been effected in Volvo Buses as well. Volvo buses running within city limits have been slashed to deep levels - with the minimum fare coming down to Rs 5 from Rs 10. Volvo fares for other routes have also been altered - albeit slightly. 

Further details of new fares are awaited. I hope to update them here. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said…
Great blog. I also love your photos as well. Can you please update you bmtc photos! That would be great!

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