Now KSRTC from Shantinagar?

After moving all Kerala bound buses to the Satellite bus station on Mysore Road, here is the next move: Move all Tamil Nadu bound buses (except the premium Airavat Volvo, of course!) to Shantinagar BMTC Bus station.

As a prelude to the move, all KSRTC Rajahamasa buses to Kerala/Tamilnadu added Shantinagar as a pick up point. Services to Kerala via Mysore now start from Shanti Nagar and then go via Mysore Road Satellite bus station, while service to Kerala via Hosur start at Mysore road and go via Shanti Nagar.

A KSRTC Rajahamsa bound to Kannur waiting at Shantinagar terminus a few days back... apologies for the poor pic...

I'd welcome the move which is benefit quite some passengers who find it easier to reach Shanti nagar compared to MCTC. The bus station, however, is not big enough to hold on buses for a long time. Ideally, these buses will have to be parked outside the bus station (it appears that a vacant plot right next to the bus station has been cleared and some sort of construction was being done there) and they should enter the bus terminus only at the time of departure.

As an initial move, KSRTC has opened a ticket counter (a reservation counter) at the bus station, and staff are posted there to assist passengers to find out their bus. The news of the shifting has been confirmed by newspaper reports (The Hindu dated 14 October 2008).

I am sad that Kerala SRTC is not being given this opportunity. If given an opportunity, they could atleast provide a pick-up point here, and may be operate their premium Air Bus services from here. It is not clear if all TN SETC buses would be moved here, and the fate of TNSTC "Premium" services is also not known. I'll try finding out information about these in the coming days....

For others, make it convenient to come to Shantinagar (or MCTC) to get into your buses, or hold on to private operators who continue operating from Kalasipalayam & Madivala.


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Manish said…
Which PF's at Shantinagar are they (KSRTC) using?
Also, what about the BMTC buses passing thro' Shantinagar? What PF's are they using now?
Binai.K.Sankar said…
These buses would operate from the same platform as that of the KSRTC run buses to Anekal/Hosur. I am not sure what it is numbered.

These buses would arrive at Shantinagar bus station just before the departure and leave after picking up pax. I'll get pics if possible on Monday
Anonymous said…
SETC buses will also start from there. It has been confirmed in The Hindu.
Anil Nanda said…
How can i reach to Shanti nagar bus stand from Marathahalli? i have to catch bus to go to Kodai from there
Binai.K.Sankar said…
Hello Anil,

From Marathahalli, you can take a bus to Richmond Circle. At Richmond circle, you can change a bus to reach Shanti Nagar. Otherwise, take a bus to HSR layout and change over to a bus heading to Majestic/KR Market from there. They would drop you at Shantinagar.

Alternatively, come down to Silk Board, and change over to a bus going towards Majestic/KR Market to reach Shantinagar
Anonymous said…
From where can i get the details of bus timings online.
Hredya Ashok said…
whats s d timing of d bus to kannur frm thr.....??? n may i hv to book it b4???

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