Mega Busfanning at Kempegowda....

The Kempegowda Bus Station, popularly called "Majestic" in Bangalore is breathing its last days. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, which owns and operates the bus station is planning to pull down the bus station and replace it it was a new one which would also house a metro station for the upcoming "Namma Metro" network in the City.

A Satellite Bus station was built on the Mysore road for the purpose. The terminus was opened in 2005, and currently handles about 800-odd buses. Now, the KSRTC (Karnataka) has decided to move all bus services towards Kerala (operated by themselves and their counterpart) to the Satellite Bus station. The move happens effective 29th of this month (September).

So, busfanning at KBS would not be the same again. Hence, I decided to make a big one last Tuesday. I left home at around 1400, and reached there at around 1500 or so. I was at the terminus till around 1715 or so.

The main spotting of the day was the brand new APSRTC Volvo 9400! The bus looks awesome and has xenon headlamps and an LED Brake lamp!!!

I even explored Platform 25 - the Tamil Nadu bus' platform in detail. I caught about four brand new TNSETC buses in the process! One had an Irizar-TVS body, the next had a Prakash body and the last two had Veera bodies! The buses looked awesome - hope they maintain their condition! I spotted one older bus which was badly maintained. I even walked through the parking space in search of a particular Kerala SRTC bus - but couldn't spot it!

I even spotted the brand new "Ambaari" from KSRTC. A surprise visit was made by a Mysore City Volvo too!!! The drive would've enjoyed the automatic transmission drive on the highway!!!

Managed to catch a glimpse of the interiors of the "Sheetal". The seating is 2X3, and the type of seat used is the normal seats as seen in newer BMTC Pushpaks.

All-in-all an eventful day with dozens of spottings!!! Images of the day are here...


Unknown said…

I am too a bus fan so i clicked photo of Osmanabad bus 6 months back if you want i will send you.

After 2005 MSRTC lost discpline. Earlier in Konkan Region and Marathawada they used to run only Ashok Leyland Cheetah buses and rest Western Maharashtra they used to run TATA buses. Now they replacing all with only Tata bus which is not healthy you can't eat just rice (Tata) without daal(Ashok Leyland). I miss those Leyland buses in ST.