One last time to Panvel...

A series of Messages from Ranjeet kept me busy at office, and finalized a program to railfan at Panvel one last time! I left home at 1630, and was welcomed by a long traffic block near Panvel. I had a tough time negotiating my car through the traffic block. Finally made it to Panvel station by around 1655. I parked my car a bit away from the station, and decided to remain away from the platforms!


As I got down from my car, I saw what I wanted to - Kalyan's first WDM3D #11242! (Ranjeet had informed me that he spotted the loco at Panvel in the morning standing at the sidings!). I've often noticed that some particular locos - mainly diesel locos come to Panvel some time in the morning with freights, and remain there till night to take back some other rake. I've seen this often, and have spotted a variety of locos at the siding including Erode WDM3Ds and Valsad WCAM1s in addition to Kalyan locos! I rushed off to get pics of the loco while WAG5 #23622 of Tughlakabad pulled in from the Diva side with a Container train!

The WDM3D had an unusual Turquoise livery - a sharp contrast to the signature blue-white livery of the WDM3Ds! The loco looked charming, and the builders plate indicated that this was loco number "WDM3D-0142" manufactured in February 2008. Valsad's WCAM2 #21862 gave company to the WDM3D at the loco siding. This loco siding was created some time during summer 2007. After clicking quite a few images, I headed back to my shelter when I heard yet another horn!

This time it was WAG7 #27851 of Ludhiana with a north bound Container train! The loco pilot gave a wide smile as he passed me :-) In the mean time, I noticed that a Kalyan WDM2 had arrived with a freighter at Panvel. This train was next to leave! The Power in charge was WDM2 #18354 coupled to another WDM2 of Kalyan. The station now had one WAG7 hauled freighter, and another WAG5 hauled freighter. Some minutes later, WAG7 #27184 of Ajni pulled out of Panvel with a North bound Container train. I kept heading back to my "shelter" pretty often! Some minutes later, I saw a loco changing lines and entering the UP line! That was WDM3A #18852R of Kalyan with the Ratnagiri Passenger.

I was the first to spot this rebuilt loco at Kalyan - this loco was evading me since! She finally decided to show up on my last railfanning day! The train had 16 coaches, all jam packed. The train was about 45 minutes late then. The train pulled into Panvel and kept waiting for pretty long. By then the clock ticked to 1800, and it was the time for the Roha-Diva passenger to leave now! The train had indeed arrived the station! I suddenly heard a horn, and looked around to seen Kalyan WDM2 #17590 heading out of the station! The loco was incharge of the passenger to Diva!

I decided to hang around for some more minutes and then head back home. The Nizamuddin Rajdhani was running late by over an hour today, and it was futile to wait to see the train! Just as I decided to head back home, I heard yet another horn! That was Vadodara's Ex-Beauty Queen WAG5 #23653 with a JNPT bound Container train!

I decided to call it a day, and started heading back home! I had a heavy heart as I started my car to head back! A station that I had been seeing right from its olden days - when it had just one platform and was under DC wires, to a pretty big station with 3 platforms, and quite a few siding lines under AC wires! This station would now be in foreign territory for me! A station, which I knew each inch of, is becoming a stranger to me!
Just wondering why this much of a filmy style climax? You'll have to wait for my next post!

Just enjoy the pics of the day till they are....