New Year Bonus - Done!

Finally the trip is done! About 3000kms in 5 days!


The outbound journey was by 6345 Netravati Express. The loco in charge was WDM3D 11207 of Erode. My coach was WGACCW 96067 (A1) based at TVC. The coach was probably the worst AC coach in which I have ever traveled! The train was about 20 minutes late while leaving Panvel, and arrived Trivandrum late by around 28 minutes. The train had a very bad run over at Quilandi, and the train stopped just meters after the spot. A man was run over at a level cross, and it is reported that nothing remained of the person - a very sad incident which left a bad mark to the day!

The return journey was by 6346 Netravati Express. The loco this time was WDM2 #16671 of Ernakulam! The coach this time around was WGACCN 03107 (B4) based at Trivandrum. The train left Trivandrum on time and maintained time at most stations on Day 1. The train started losing time on Day 2, and reached Panvel only at 1706, delayed by a whole hour and 56 minutes! The coach was better than the one in which I went.

Pantry service of this train has lot of room for improvement. The service by coach attendants is pretty poor, and bed rolls are not supplied properly. Images of the trip can be seen here. Detailed trip reports to come very soon...

More details, and photos coming soon