Another day roaming....

[Nov 20, 2007] I had some work to do at Ulhasnagar, and had taken a day off the previous day (or should I call it night) from office. I left home at around 1030, and reached Kurla a while after 11:25. I left one Karjat train, and instead decided to take a train to Kasara (which is an AC/DC EMU, and would let me enjoy high speed runs!). While waiting for my connection, the CSTM bound Sahyadri Express went past with WCG2 #20129 in charge. Just a few minutes behind was the Sewagram with WCAM3 #21931 in charge. The run from Kurla to Thane was eventless, except for spotting a twin WCAM3 hauled BCNA at Nahur yard, and a WCAG1 (#21981) hauled Tanker rake at Thane home.
I got down at Thane, and decided to wait till the Netravati comes. The Netravati came in at around 1210 with WDM3A #14046 of Erode in charge. An RPF officer was standing near the loco keeping an eye on me and I had to play some hide and seek to get a pic of the loco that looked fresh out of a POH. Some time after the Netravati went, the twin WCAM3 hauled BCNA (That I spotted at Nahur) rushed off towards Diva. I then took an EMU to Kalyan. We crossed a twin Kalyan WDM2 headed BCNA just after Thane, and an unknown WCAM3 hauled train near Diva. I spotted the twin WCAM3 hauled BCNA entering the Panvel line from Diva.
We crossed the Chennai-Mumbai Express at Kalyan. I rushed off to Platform 6. Just as I entered the FOB, the Darbhanga bound Pawan Express pulled into Platform 4. My EMU came in on Platform 6. It was an AC/DC EMU bound to Ambernath. We crossed a lone WCAM3 hauled observation car just before Ulhasnagar. I got down at Ulhasnagar, and decided to wait for some time at the station. While waiting there, WCAM3 #21944 rushed off towards Pune with the Nagercoil Express in tow. I then left to my destination (CHM College, right opposite the station) and then returned back to the station shortly after 1620. My train was at 1627.
The station is located on a beautiful "S" shaped curve, and is a beautiful location for railfanning! While waiting for my train, the Bhubaneshwar bound Konark Express rushed past, with WCG2 #20147 in charge...


I then took the EMU to Kalyan, and then took a bus straight to Belapur from there. I had hardly slept the previous night, and was unable to control sleep while in the bus. I had to report to office that night - and that made things worse!

Images that I took are here, starting with this one. (8 Photos total). Sorry for posting this so late, I was busy all the days! The entire thing took place on November 20, 2007.