Unscheduled halts on the DIVA-PNVL Line...

This is one post that I had been planning for a pretty long time now. I thought of putting it up while I was killing time hearing songs on my PC today.

The 101 kilometre long Diva-Panvel-Roha branch line of Central Railway's Mumbai division has about 17 authorised halts, and 3 unscheduled halts. By "Scheduled" halts, I mean stations which are listed in the timetable. Of the 17 halts, 5 stations are mere 'halt' stations i.e., stations without loop lines. The 26 kilometre section between Diva and Panvel has 7 "scheduled" stations (including both ends) and three "unscheduled" stations.


The first Unscheduled station is Agasan. This "halt" comes at kilometre 45/4 (distances ex-CSTM). This halt is between Dativali and Nilaje. Dativali is at 44/4, while Nilaje is at around 47/something.

The next unscheduled halt is at 51/4, between Nilaje and Taloja stations. I couldn't find any name boards for this one (I'll try out once again soon). The next unscheduled halt is at 53/2, between Nilaje and Taloja stations. (Taloja is at 57-odd). This one is name Nighubammali (I think I got it right).

ALL passenger trains on this route stop at these three halts. The first time I traveled, I thought the train had stopped for want of signals. But presence of passengers on the tracks baffled me. It did not take much time to figure out that there weren't any signals around, and these halts were regular! There are passengers who get out of the train at these points, and many others wait on the tracks to entrain!

Passengers cannot be blamed for patronizing such halts since passenger services on this railway line is pretty poor. These interior villages have very poor bus services too! There are 5 pairs of passenger trains on this route.

I'll get some images from these places very soon...