Sunday under the wires... Part 2

After that unsuccessful search for a brunch, we were back besides the track. Just about 2-3 minutes after reaching there, we heard a "diesel" horn, and were anxiously looking out to who blew that! Some minutes later, WDM2 #16565 of Ernakulam rushed past with the Hazrat Nizamuddin bound Mangala Express. The train was around an hour late. There was absolutely no spottings during the next 25 minutes, and we were busy discussing about loco classes, and were sadly looking at the passengers who were still waiting for the passenger train at the station.

Some time later, WCAG1 #21979 returned back towards Diva working light (again!). Mayur was longing to see a WDG3A, and his prayers were sort of answered when a light WDG3A rushed towards Panvel a little after the WCAG1. The loco was WDG3A #14559 of Kalyan. We decided to move out after spotting Matsyagandha Express. Matsyagandha Express, bound to Mangalore, was worked by WDM3A #14048 of Ernakulam and came in around 1514.


This loco was eluding me for pretty long now, and I was happy to capture her today, and that too working SHF! We walked back to my car and now headed to Panvel. I initially checked out the Khanda Colony LC gate, and then "Podi" LC Gate. "Podi" LC gate is located right outside Panvel station, and I was elated to find that Matsyagandha was still there at the station! So was WDG3A #13302 & #14559 of Kalyan!

I parked my car, and we rushed to the station. Just as we neared the station, an unknown WDM3A of Pune (in blue livery) pulled in with the Dadar bound KR4 Passenger. This train was running late by around 3 hours! We couldn't check out the loco since by the time we reached the FOB, the starter for the passenger turned amber! We headed straight to the station canteen and filled out stomach with something light, and downed come cold drinks to cool us down!

By now announcements about the arrival of Kerala Sampark Kranti was being made. We decided to head off to the refueling point since Karan wanted to see re-fueling. We walked a bit ahead of the platform to capture images of the loco. The train pulled in at around 1615 - about an hour late. The loco was WDM2 #18483 of Ernakulam. This loco seems to be a regular on this link!


We stood there watching the refueling process, and I kept an eye on an RPF guys who was watching us with a hint of doubt! A few employees incharge of re-fueling explained the process and the method by which they find the fuel level in the tank. He demonstrated it live for us. Karan tried his luck for an FP, but was politely turned down by the LPs! Just as the refueling was over, the RPF guys came around and said in a rude voice: "Bahut hogaya, abhi chalo" (Thats enough, now clear off).

We walked a bit ahead to catch the loco pulling out, and by now the RPF guy went back to his den. The loco pulled up slowly, and moved on for her journey till Vadodara where she would hand over charge to an electric.

Closing remarks: Karan rushed off to catch an EMU back to Malad (via Kurla and Dadar), while I and Mayur took the road route. I dropped off Mayur at a bus stop in Belapur, from where he took a bus back home while I drove back home! That was a real nice day! We railfanned from 1000 to 1630 - That is 6-and-a-half hours!

Images are here. Please have a look at them, and post your comments. I need them to improve my skills!