A very short railfanning at Panvel

My computer began performing strangely in the morning! I was quite worried, and a quick check revealed that she is down with a viral attack! I took her to a doctor, and the doctor advised formatting of her brain (Hard Disk!). I left the CPU with the service person, and had about 3 hours with me. A railfan never requires to think twice!!! I left my car at Vashi Railway station, and took an EMU to Panvel.

I reached Panvel at around 1420. Quickly purchased a Platform ticket and rushed in. A unknown WAG5 pair pulled in from JNPT with a long Container rake. There were lots of GRP around the station, and surprisingly the number of RPF has gone down! Even at the office, I saw just one constable sitting and napping outside! I did not dare to take a pic of any loco on the yard lines!

The notice board at Panvel mentioned that 0168 Trivandrum-Dadar Holiday special was running late by about 9 hours, and 0431 Trivandrum-Nizamuddin special was late by about 5 hours! I went over to Platform 3, and noticed a WDM2 pair idling off near the refueling point. The locos were being refueled, and a new pair of crew just took charge. The locos were destined to Karjat. I took a snap of them, and returned to the shelter. It rained lightly then. At around 1515, the arrival of 2619 Mangalore bound Matsyagandha Express was announced. The train pulled in at 1525, with Erode WDM3A #14046 in charge. The train left at 1535.

The station was dead silent in the minutes that followed. Two Container rakes (one towards Vasai, and the other towards JNPT) left soon after. I decided to return to Vashi, and took a train at 1605. I reached Vashi at around 1637, then took my car to the "PC Doctor"! The work was done, and I took her home. It rained hardly on my way back.

The images of today's short excursion is here. Bye for the day...