The "mighty" housefly...

It rained quite heavily with strong winds yesterday. The day was coupled with heavy rains, strong winds and power failures! The electricity supply went off at around 0800 in the morning, and was restored only at 1400. It went again about 5 minutes later, and was restored at 1515. The supply was disrupted again at 1800, and was restored at 1830. It went again at 1840 and was restored at around 1915. There was not enough voltage in one phase (We have a 3 phase supply). The power supply was once again disrupted at 2045, and was restored only at 2145. To add to this, the internet connection never switched on till about 0030!

Since, it rained hard - our house was attacked by an army of the mighty housefly!

The contingent was so huge, that the flies occupied each inch of the space available in the front hall! These flies, Musca domestica, is one of the most widely seen species of pests in India. They are 'experts' in spreading diseases! With the monsoon setting in, they probably lost those places where they usually rest, and they decided to attack human inhibitions!

I was getting shutter happy on seeing them, and decided to feed a few of them on a white background. I put a few crystals of sugar on a white paper and decided to wait till they arrive. The flies are quite disciplined, and only one of them eat at a time! The other waits patiently a bit away! They don't fight for food!!!!

It was interesting to see how fly holds the big crystal between her feet and 'pre-digest' the crystal. The flies are capable only to have liquid food, and hence they "liquefy" the food before consumption!

Wikipedia mentions that they are capable to carrying over 100 pathogens - Scary! After a successful chase of the houseflies on my camera, i spent the remaining time looking outside through the window! What a day? A Sunday went "sun-less"!