Railfanning at Thrisur

Just as the rituals following the death of my Grandfather was coming to an end, a few relatives of ours had to return on the same day. They were returning by two different trains - One leaving at 1800, and the other at 1900. I sensed an opportunity to railfan at the station, and I accompanied my brother who was driving down to the station to drop them. We reached the station at around 1740.
New Delhi bound Kerala Express had pulled into Platform 2 with an Erode WAP4 in charge by then. I wanted to take a pic of the loco, but by the time I entered the station, the starter turned green. Just around then, the Ernakulam bound 649 Passenger from Shoranur was to pull in then. Just minutes after the PA system made an announcement about the passenger, a loco was visible. The train came in behind...


...WAM4 #21240 of Arakkonam. The loco was carry WAM4 #20586 of the same shed 'dead' behind. The passenger had 10 coaches, and were packed to the brim. I had once travelled by this train (649 Shoranur - Ernakulam Passenger) in December 2006 (Click here for the travelogue). Kerala Express pulled out by then. We walked over to Platform 2/3.
The evening passenger from Guruvayur to Thrisur was to pull in soon. I was ready to click the train, and stood at one end of the platform. Minutes after the announcement, an Erode loco was visible. The train came in behind...


...Flat-faced WDM2 #17519 of Erode. The loco has a full-forward cab which is probably a modification due to some collision. This passenger train uses the rake of Chennai Egmore - Guruvayur Express. The train has about 17 coaches: 2 SLR, 4 GS, 1 2A, 1 3A, 1 PC, 5 SL and 4 Reserved Second Sitting (2S). The Sleeper and AC coaches are kept locked during this run. Surprisingly, the AC of the 2A coach was running!
The arrival of the Ernakulam - Kannur Intercity Express was announced (This train between Alappuzha and Kannur on 5 days of the week). Two of our relatives were to take this train, and they had a reservation in coach "S1". The coach position of this train was NOT put up anywhere in the station! We decided to walk down half the length of the platform. The train pulled in with Ernakulam WDM2 #16457 in charge. Their coach was at the rear end of the train, and we managed to find out the coach soon, and they occupied their seats. The train was packed, and passengers in unreserved coaches had a real tough time!!!
After their train pulled out, we decided to have some refreshments from the restaurant at the station. My next relative (my Uncle) was to take the Alappuzha-Chennai Express, which was scheduled to arrive at 1900. While we were walking down to the restaurant, an Ernakulam-Bangalore Holiday special pulled in behind an Arakkonam WAM4. Around the same time, a twin WAG5 hauled BCNA rake rushed towards Ernakulam. We reached the restaurant, and ordered for some light refreshment. Just as I finished eating, a Pune WDM3A pulled in with the Kochuveli - Hubli Holiday Special train. We dropped our uncle at the station, and he insisted that we leave before his train reaches! We finally left the station at around 1915 (his train was late!). We had some shopping in the city. We finished them, and returned home!