Railfanning after a long time!


After about 2 weeks of being at home, I was back to track today. I had some work in the library of our college, and I left home by the 0737 EMU. I reached Kurla at around 0815. I decided to wait till the Monster duo goes through. The first monster was WDP4 #20031 with the Udyan Express, and was closely followed by WDP4 #20041 (the shed of this loco is a big '?') with the Pushpak Express. I then took an Ambernath Fast EMU, and got down at Thane. On the way, we crossed the Vidarbha Express between Ghatkopar and Vikhroli.
I came back to Thane station at around 1100 from my college. I had some light refreshments, and went over to Platform 7 to kick start session 2 of railfanning! I went around hunting for a good seat, and settled at the CSTM end of the platform. Just minutes after I settled (precisely - at 1118 AM), a very late running Gorakhpur-LTT Kushinagar Express pulled in behind WCAM3 #21947 in charge. The train had about 23 coaches. The train pulled out about 3 minutes later. Around the same time, Nagpur-Dadar Sewagram Express pulled into Platform 6 behind WCAM3 #21936. This train stopped twice on the platform owing to the length of the train.
Just minutes later, I spotted an RPF officer roaming on the Platform. He stood talking to some people just metres away from. All this while, the Kolhapur-Mumbai Sahyadri Express was pulling into Platform 6. I rushed towards the loco and she was WCG2 #20156. I walked over to Platform 6.
By now, 0523 LTT - Gorakhpur Holiday special pulled into Platform 7. The loco in charge was WCAM3 #21940. The loco appeared to be fresh out of the POH shop! Just as I took a snap of the loco, I noticed another WCAM3 approaching me! That was WCAM3 #21892 working the 3201 Rajendranagar - LTT Express. This express also stopped twice on the platform. Both the expresses (0523 & 3201) left the station simultaneously.
Right behind the 3201 was a light WCAM3 (#21886). The loco cleared the platform in a matter of a few minutes. I decided to have some cold drink, and just as I was sipping it, I noticed a train entering Platform 5. I reacted quite quickly, and I managed to get an image of the train. The train was a BCNA, and the loco(s) in charge was WCAM3 #21942 (leading) and #21950 rushed through. I was now anxiously waiting to see the Trivandrum bound Netravati Express. The train pulled in with - The oddest link - Moulali WDM2A #17553 in charge! I was thrilled to see a loco from that shed located near Hyderabad!
The loco was a good smoker, and made a smoky departure from Thane a few moments later. A few moments later, WCAG1 #21970 rushed through with an empty BCNA rake towards Kalyan. Some time later, WCAM3 #21946 pulled into Platform 6 with the Manmad-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Godavari Express. About 5 minutes later, WCAM3 #21952 rushed through with the Muzaffarpur bound Pawan Express. Just as I turned back, I saw WCG2 #20113 rushing in with the Hyderabad-Mumbai Express. Just about 3 minutes later (at 1243), WCG2 #20115 pulled in with the Mumbai CST-Trivandrum Weekly Express.
I walked over to Platform 4 to catch a slow EMU to Vikhroli. While waiting for the train, Kalyan WDM2 #18345 MU-ed to #18560 rushed through Platform 5 with a BCNA rake. Just as my EMU was pulling out, the Varanasi bound Kamayani Express pulled in with a WCAM3. The Hyderabad Express went past with a WCG2 in charge just as my EMU was pulling out of Bhandup. I had a short wait at Vikhroli, and then went over to Ghatkopar for some more railfanning.
Just as I got down from the EMU, I heard a loco's horn on the adjoining platform (#3). That was WCAM2 #21868 of Valsad. The loco was slow enough to give me a chance to photograph her! Most of my WCAM2 spotting have been on CR!!! Around 5 minutes later, the Chennai-Mumbai Express rushed through with WCG2 #20147 in charge. The next surprise spotting of the day was the Dadar-Chennai Holiday Special. The train rushed through with Pune WDG3A #14680 in charge! At around 1410, I went over to Platform 4 to catch a fast local towards Kurla. Just while waiting for the EMU, Vatwa WDM3A #14071 pulled in with two dead WDS4s in tow. The loco got a "red" at Advanced starter. I spotted the Matsyagandha furiously notching up towards Ghatkopar. The loco in charge was WDM3A #14046 of Erode.
An announcement came through that the next expected EMU was running about 10-15 minutes late. I decided to take a slow train. Just as I was walking towards the FOB, WDM2S #18408 of Kalyan rushed through with two inspection cars in tow. I took a Slow EMU to Kurla, and than a Belapur EMU from there on.
To see the images of the day: Click here. There are about 21 Images in all. Enjoy!!!
Hope you all liked this report! Since I was back on track after long 2 weeks, my body condition was not permitting me to spend more time! Bye for the day!!!!