It rained today!

Raining hard!
Photo from Archives. Image taken from the balcony of my bedroom (Circa 2006).

After a long hot summer, the first pre-monsoon shower showed up today! It rained almost continuously for about 30 minutes beginning around 0500 (AM). Later, in the afternoon, it rained in other parts of Navi Mumbai, and then again here!

The temperature this summer had gone as high as 42 degree Celsius, and the average temperature was in the range of 35~36 deg Celsius! Finally the temperature came down, and mother earth cooled down a bit! The South-East monsoon has already hit the southern coast of India early by about a week. The official Monsoon period is expected to begin on June 08, here in Mumbai! Hopefully, pre-monsoon showers keeps the city cool for the days to come!

Monsoon season is a terror since July 26, 2005! That day it flooded heavily, and most residents of the city including me were stuck at different places! Monsoon season is usually flooded with Health risks caused due to contamination of Drinking water, and due to unhygienic conditions prevailing at most lower-middle class homes, and at eateries which most people flock to! Hopefully this monsoon passes off without a flood, and those disease!