Caught you...

Regular readers of this blog would remember reading about MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) Mahabus service. In case you don't: Chasing the Mahabus posted on February 10 2007. In that post, I had mentioned about King Long KL6113 buses being introduced. This bus was ever a surprise to me, and I often spot it passing me among other vehicles. I was never able to spot the bus entirely as I would be driving my car in the opposite direction and the bus would be camouflaged by other small vehicles on the road.
I've always spotting this bus working a particular Dadar-Pune service: The 09:15 departure from Dadar. This bus crossed Vashi at around 0950~1000, and Belapur about 5-10 minutes later. I've tried my level best to spot this bus whilst travelling in the direction, but always fail to do so!
Today, I had some work in Vashi, and I reached there at about 0930. I decided to wait till the elusive thing passes me! With complete determination, I was waiting there on the Highway armed with my camera. A white bus approached me, and that was a NWKRTC express bound to Hubli...


...I had spotted this bus earlier during a busfanning session on April 05. (Click here for details). The design was quite impressive. Back to our topic::
Just after the NWKRTC bus went past me, I spotted another white bus approaching me. That was her...


...I almost jumped up in excitement! My camera was set to manual mode, and it damaged the photo by over-exposing it a bit! The sun was bang on the face of the bus, and details have been lost! Anyways, the bus was MH43-H-650. I'll try to get better images in a day or two.
The rear view of the bus:


The bus appeared to be better than a Volvo in terms of the design, but other aspects like engine performance, passenger comfort, etc are not known. This bus look good!

Hoping to spot this cutie very soon....bye for now!