To last time!

This day was probably my last trip to college! (Atleast in the morning!). I was happy to be in the 0658 EMU sitting near a window and staring aimlessly at the now familiar stretch from Belapur to Kurla. I reached Kurla at around 0735. The Mumbai bound Vidharbha Express rushed past with a WCAM3 in charge. The train had 24 coaches. Sometime later the Pune bound Deccan also rushed past with a WCG2 in charge. I was about to take a pic, but the pointsman jumped in between, and taking a photo would have been meaning less! My EMU pulled in, and luckily the coach I travelled in was new! I enjoyed the journey through out, and spotted the Devgiri express with a Green coloured Pune WDM3A.
I reached Thane, and was simply overjoyed to see the Mandovi still waiting there. The loco...


...was WDP4 #20037 of Krishnarajapuram. I rushed out, and went to college. I finished off my exam at 1400, and left college by 1515 after having some food from the Canteen. I reached Thane station at around 1600. Ratnagiri passenger was expected then. A Khopoli Fast EMU pulled into Platform 5. Minutes after the EMU came in, I spotted the Ratnagiri Passenger waiting at the outer. The loco...


...was WDG3A #13040 from Pune. This loco was recently repainted to turquoise livery from its old brown-red livery! The train had a very decent crowd and almost all the 18 coaches were full. Just after the passenger pulled out, a CSTM bound Fast EMU pulled in, and I left the station on that EMU. On the way, about 3 Express trains crossed (2 with WCAM3s and 1 with WCG2). I reached Kurla, and decided to wait for the Pragati.
Pragati Express came in with...


...WCG2 #20142. I wanted to wait for the Nandigram to pass, but the wait was getting boring, and I decided to leave.


Anonymous said…
hi binai...
its very rare to find a "rail fan".... even noting each loco's no.s.... are working in this field???

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