Summer Bonus: Notings...


1. Down journey was by 6345 Netravati Express. The loco in charge was WDM3A #18555 of Erode. (Photo posted in Update 1). The coach was AS3 (WGACCN 05908 based at TVC).
2. I made a short trip to Bangalore. Left Trichur on 07 April in the night by Kallada Volvo (KA 03 AC 2000). The journey was comfortable. Travelogue coming soon.
3. Returned from Bangalore by Car. I drove for about 60% of the distance.
4. Departed from Trichur on 13 April by 6346 Netravati Express. The loco was WDM3A #14080 of Erode (Image above). The coach was AS1 (WGACCN 05138 based at TVC). The train departed from TCR at 1618, late by 28 minutes, and arrived Panvel at 1550, late by 35 minutes.

Travelogues from this journey will come up very soon. I am currently busy with my practical examinations. Photos from the return journey is uploaded here. Photos of the down journey, and some other miscellaneous railfanning images will be uploaded soon. The CD in which I had saved them got corrupted, and I am trying to retrieve them from my brother's laptop in which I had saved the entire set! I am expecting to get them by this weekend!

A detailed writeup of the trip will come up very soon....stay tuned till then! Its time for me to study for an examination to be held tomorrow. So we'll meet again tomorrow - Bye!!!