Last day to college!

Today was the last official working day for us final years at college! I day was off to a rather lazy start! I was unable to jump out of the bed even at 0615. I some how managed to get up, and took the 0737 EMU. I got down at Kurla, and decided to wait till the WDP4 combo (Udyan Express, closely followed by Pushpak Express - Both headed by WDP4s!) rushes through! The first WDP4 came in without much of a warning, other than a bray near the outer signal! The loco was...


...WDP4 #20034 working the Bangalore bound Udyan Express. Shortly after Udyan went, came in the Pushpak Express. This train is 24 coaches long, and CR is making good advantage of the WDP4 which otherwise would simply doze off in the yard! The loco...


...was WDP4 #20037 - The newest one to be seen in Mumbai! Just as I was waiting for my EMU after the double whammy, WCAM3 #21882 rushed towards CSTM with the Vidarbha Express in tow. The train had 25 coaches including: 2 SLR, 4 GS, 12 Sleeper, 6 AC coaches and 1 tourist/inspection car! I then took an EMU to Thane...

Noon Session: I reached Thane station quite unusually early by 1245. The CSTM-Nagercoil Express was just pulling out of the station. The loco seemed to be a WCG2 (Not very sure though!). Just as I reached Platform 6, the arrival of 6012 Chennai - Mumbai Express was announced. I could already see the loco by then. The train slowly pulled in...


...with WCG2 #20153 in charge. The train had a decent crowd to unload at Thane. Unusually, the platform was infested with RPF personnel, and photography had to be done with utmost caution! Interestingly, all the RPF fellows were carrying Wireless handsets (Walkie-Talkies) and looked as if they were searching for something/someone! I had to be cautious here!!!!
Just behind 6012 was 2118 Manmad - LTT 'Godavari Super Fast Express'. The loco in charge was WCAM3 #21898. Just as Godavari pulled out, the Varanasi bound Kamayani Express pulled in with WCAM3 #21900 in charge. The train had 2 AC coaches, 8 Sleeper, 2 SLR and 6 General coaches! Some minutes later, WDM3A #18737R of Pune rushed towards Kurla (light engine).
The PA system came live, and they announced that 157 LTT-Muzaffarpur Holiday special would arrive on Platform 7 in a few minutes. Just around 3 minutes later, a Kalyan WDM2 came in with a special train on Platform 7. But that wasn't 157! That was 165 Dadar - Ernakulam Holiday Special!


The loco in charge was WDM2 #18480 of Kalyan. This loco seems to be a star performer of Kalyan DLS, and this particular loco is always seen hauling express in case of link failures! I met a friend on the platform, and we decided to return together! Just around 1330, the Ranchi - LTT Express (8609) rushed through with WCAM3 #21891 in charge. My friend noticed that the particular train did not have any AC coaches!!! We then took an EMU. Just as the EMU was pulling out, I noticed that 157 Muzaffarpur Holiday Special had now arrived on Platform 7. The loco was WCAM3 #21886. I decided to call it a day.
I took an Belapur EMU from Kurla. The shape of the driving cab was too peculiar. The cab was modified a bit, and the interior design has been re-done. The cab interiors now had matte-finish Aluminum paneling! A look at the cab, before signing off! Bye!