My travels to my college almost approaches its end! The days are now numbered. Today was the second last, and Thursday marks the last day!!!! I took my regular train once again today, and made it to Kurla by 0735. Just as my train was pulling into Kurla, a WCG2 zoomed out of the station with the Pune bound Deccan Express. I jumped of the EMU and rushed to Platform 5. My EMU pulled in right on time. We crossed the Latur-Mumbai express near Ghatkopar. The journey ahead was normal. Just as the EMU was pulling into Thane, I spotted the Mandovi waiting there! The loco in charge was...


...WDP4 #20031 of Krishnarajapuram. The loco looked tired, and the train got its starter about a minute after I clicked the image! The rest of the journey to college was plain. I had an examination, and that too was normal!

In the evening, While entering Thane the Pune bound Pragati Express zipped past with a WCG2 in charge. Some time later, a Pune WDG3A (in turquoise livery) pulled into the station with the Mumbai-Nagpur via Nanded, Adilabad Nandigram Express. Just as Nandigram was about to pull out, Kamayani Express pulled in behind a WCAM3. I took an EMU at 1725. On the way, I spotted the Pune bound Deccan Queen. I reached home by 1945. That was it for the day...Bye!