To college after 3 long weeks!

Today was the day I went back to college after three long weeks (though I had attended college on one day in between!), it was more or less like a vacation! I rushed to catch the 0642 EMU in the morning, and luckily got into it! I reached kurla at around 0717 or so. Just as I was about to climb the Foot-Over-Bridge, I saw a WDG3A hauled train rushing towards Dadar. A few minutes after I reached Platform 6, the Dadar bound Chalukya Express went through with a regular WDM3A of Pune in Charge. Some minutes later, the CSTM bound Latur-Mumbai Tri-weekly express went through with a Kalyan WDM2 in charge. The Madgaon bound Mandovi Express rushed past at around 0724 with WDP4 #20031 in charge. My local (0724 Kasara 9-Car Fast) pulled in at around 0730. The train maintained good speed all the way upto Mulund. The train crawled through Mulund station, and surprisingly changed over to the slow line after Mulund!!! That was surprising for a fast EMU.
The Madgaon bound Mandovi was still waiting at Thane outer and i really appreciate the action of the section controller to divert our Fast EMU via the Main line instead of making us wait for Mandovi to clear! CSTM bound Vidharbha express was on the main UP line and that made Mandovi wait outside! My train pulled into Thane station at around 0750. I walked out and took a bus to college. I was surprised to read a notice at college that our reporting time has be shifted backwards and it is 0900 AM instead of the earlier 0830 AM! So that gives me freedom to sleep for 30 minutes more!
I returned from College at 1615, and reached TNA at 1655. Myself and my friend took a Fast EMU scheduled for 1654!!! The journey was more or less dry except for the crossing of Pragati Express (WCAM3) and Nandigram (WDG3A of Pune). I spotted Deccan Queen at Kurla. I took the 1733 EMU from Kurla, and reached home by 1830! Bye for the ya tomorrow!