Yet another day!

Today had nothing special in store for me! It was all a normal day with me traveling on all regular trains on the very old boring route!
In the morning, I saw Deccan Express rushing through Kurla with WCAM3 #21946 in charge. There were no other trains in the morning. While on my EMU, I spotted the Latur-Mumbai Express, Late-running Chalukya Express, and one another WCAM3 hauled Express. Mandovi was late as-usual today! In the evening there were far lesser happenings to say!

Let me take this opportunity to let out a travel plan:: I am leaving this Saturday (27.Jan.2007) by Poorna Express. I'll board the train at Pune, and get down at Ernakulam. I'll return - board 1014 CBE-LTT express at Coimbatore on 31.Jan.2007 and alight at Pune on 01.Feb.2007, and proceed to Mumbai by bus!
I had been to a nearby MSRTC reservation counter to get tickets for my Mumbai-Pune journey on Saturday to board the bus. Unfortunately, due to some problems he wasn't able to issue tickets for the bus of my choice (Volvo bus departing at around 1830~1900). I had to get a ticket for a lower class service. I'll try again tomorrow at a different place! Wish me luck for that!!!
Anyways...Bye for the day!