Sleepy days....

First priority: Sorry for not updating yesterday! Thanks to the apathy of the local state run telecom provider, my telephone was dead yesterday. I access internet through the broadband service that requires my telephone to work! Sorry for the technical glitch!
Both yesterday, as well as today were sleepy days for me! On both the days, I was struggling hard to keep my eyes open during lectures! But, with respect to Railfanning, both days were "so-so" types. Luckily, on both the days spotted the Mandovi Express. It was 20032 yesterday, and 20025 today. (Guessing what the numbers are? They are road numbers of the WDP4 locos that took the train).
Mandovi has just received new "name plates". It is bust still sad to see this train running without coach number boards. Earlier this train did not even have destination boards, now atleast they have appeared. On both the days, I did not have any interesting sightings other than the normal fare.
Hopefully, I have something exciting to post tomorrow. The internet connection is getting disconnected intermittently, and let me finish this off before it goes kaput again!