A Short trip to Titwala

Friday morning saw me trying hard to wake up from a very late sleep on Thursday. I took an EMU at 0737 (Scheduled time 0734) from Belapur and reached Kurla at around 0810. I took the Badlapur bound 0818 Fast EMU from thereon. I got down at Ghatkopar, where I was to meet my friends. Just as I got down from the EMU, the LTT Bound Jnaneshwari Express rumbled through. Some time later, the Bangalore bound Udyan Express crawled through the station with WDP4 #20032 in charge. ALL trains on the Down Through (Fast) Line have to crawl through Ghatkopar station now-a-days; Thanks to a nasty speed restriction in force near Vidyavihar. The SR is from Vidyavihar station to Ghatkopar Outer Signal, and is in the range of 30kmph. Express trains hardly pickup speed by the time they reach the station!
Some time after the Udyan went through, Another WDP4 approached the station. This time it was WDP4 #20033, and the train was the Lucknow bound Pushpak express. This train, ever since she started getting a WDP4, has 24 coaches - 2x SLR, 4x GS, 1X HA; 1X 2A; 2X 3A; 13X SL and 1X PC. I was joyed by the spotting.
Finally at around 0900, myself and two other friends got into a Kasara bound Fast EMU. We boarded the second coach i.e., a motor coach. The train ride had nothing worth mentioning since I was busy reading a newspaper. We reached Titwala at around 1000. Just as we were moving out of the station, Kalyan WDG3A #14982 rushed through with a short BOXN rake. We (now 4 of us - One more friend joined us at Dombivli) took an Autorickshaw to the temple. Oops! Did I forget to tell that? Titwala is home to a very famous Siddhivinayak Temple, and the reason behind our visit was the temple!
The temple had a huge crowd today, and we had to spend around 40-45 minutes standing in queue to meet the presiding deity - Ganesha or Ganpati or Vinayak as he may be called. After the visit to the temple, we were back to the station by around 1125. An unknown WCAM3 hauled train rumbled through then! We got to platform 2 boarded a Mumbai CST bound Slow local. The journey was painfully slow, but interesting! I spotted a shining new WDG3A (#13303) of Kalyan DLS waiting at Nahur. I finally reached home at around 1400, and the end of a long "pilgrimage"!