A Double-Decker ride!

On Thursday, we (myself, and other students of Final Year B.Pharm) had an Interview for a Job at Kalina. We were to reach there by 1400. Our college received the notification quite late, and we came to know about it just around 1100 or so. After high voltage drama at our college, we were granted permission to attend the interview at around 1330. About 15 students in my class were interested, and we flew out of the college. We had no time to spare, and we did not even have a Resume! Finally, we (about 5 of us) dropped into a Cyber-cafe and created resumes. Finally we took a train to Kurla, and a bus from thereon.....(The interview stopped mid-way, and is expected to continue tomorrow i.e., on Saturday).
The bus journey....was on a Double decker! Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking (B.E.S.&T.) have a sizeable population of Double decker buses in their fleet. The buses are mostly old. They are powered by Ashok Leyland Engines, and have a seating capacity of under 100 passengers. The upper deck is silent and is more comfortable. The vibrations, and jerks are minimised to a good extent, and the noise of the engine does not make it to the upper deck!
I did two journeys on a single day, and both were on the upper deck! The best of them was in the return direction. Myself, and a friend of mine were returning to Kurla, and we took route number 311. This bus goes via Air-India Colony, and allows a good watch at the Mumbai Airport! It was dark then, and the time was around 2030 or so.
We were having window seats facing the runway of the airport, and the bus was stuck in a traffic snarl. We had a very interesting time-pass....Counting the flights that landed! About 10 flights landed at the airport in quick succession in a time frame of about 10-15 minutes! We went crazy at the end and the line of landing aircrafts seemed endless. Just as we spot one aircraft making it to the runway, we spot another one almost approaching the runway!
A ride on a double-decker is absolutely essential for anyone who visits mumbai! I couldn't take images yesterday, but would try for some on Saturday!