The New year...A New day....

Today was my first day to college after 2007 dawned! I was delayed in the morning and had to run down to the platform. I took the 06:58 train from Belapur and made in to Kurla by about 0732. The Mumbai CST bound Vidarbha Express pulled through just around then. I rushed to Platform 5 where my onward connection was expected.
At around 0736, the Pune bound Deccan Express went through. I was surprised to find that there is a Speed restriction for trains running through Platform 5, and trains now run through at a slower pace! My train came in before time, and left a minute late (07:41 Asangaon Semi-Fast). On the way we crossed the late-running Matsyagandha Express, and Chalukya Express. Mandovi Express towards Madgaon was late, as usual!
I walked out of the station, and took a bus from the adjacent MSRTC bus station. (I'll put up an image of the "Red Monster" very soon). The bus had an engine failure just after running 1.5 kms from the origin! I had to take another transport to my college, and in effect I reached late by 10 minutes! The day was just about normal.
In the evening, I took the 16:45 Fast EMU from Thane. Our EMU was recieved on Platform 4 at Thane, and we were made to wait until a Twin MU-ed Kalyan WDM2 hauled BCNA clears the Down Through Line. After that we crossed over, and our AC/DC rake flied out. We flew through Mulund with horn blarring at full force and sweeping up all the dust on the platform. The speed restriction which was applicable since the past two weeks on the UP Through line near Nahur station has been lifted, and due to this our train kept flying till Bhandup. We had a halt at Bhandup. On the way, we crossed a WCAM3 hauled train (Unidentified), the Pune bound Pragati Express (loco: WCAM3), Nanded bound Nandigram (the loco was a WDG3A from Pune, in turquoise livery) and the Deccan Odyssey (Loco: Blue liveried WDM3A from Pune).
I missed a Belapur EMU at Kurla as my train was just pulling in! I then took the 17:19 Panvel EMU from Kurla.
Inside the coach, there was a small quarrel between a Couple (A husband & a wife), and a man in his 50s. The reason was that, the lady had kept her feet on the seat opposite the one on which she was seated. The couple had a huge 'bag' which was kept in the area between the seats. They were not ready to move it. The man asked them adjust since he wanted to sit. The lady (and a child) were literally occupying the entire 3-seater seat. She was reluctant to move or to sit properly. The man asked the "husband" if the seat was a footrest, and the "husband" shouted at the other man. He spoke as if the "husband" was accommodating the third person for free inside his house. The person shouted for the language that the "husband" used. The "husband" shouted back at the top of his voice. He expected the person to keep quiet, but instead all the passengers who were seated close by or standing at the door shouted at him for usage of foul language, and lack of manners. The "husband" escaped from being beaten up by the crowd just because of the presence of his wife! She apologized to the crowd and settled the matter.
As a "token of revenge", passengers standing at the door made him keep his luggage on the rack, and all the seats were taken! That was good revenge, and such "manner-less" people should really be taught a lesson for mis-behaviour. I reached back at my home at around 1800. Thanks for ready!!!