End to sleepless nights...back now to normal!

After days to roaming, and hard work, and of course - sleepless nights, its all back to normalcy now. I started attending college like ever before, it is all normal now! I left home at 06:45 as usual, and took the 06:58 train. The train was much less crowded today! Just as I got down from the train at Kurla, I saw the Mandovi Express rushing out with a WDP4. At about 07:44, the Pune bound Deccan Express rushed out with a WCAM3 in charge.
My train (07:41 Asangaon Fast) pulled in at about 07:50 or so. The Deccan Express was just ahead of my train, and my train was always getting only Amber or Double amber signals until Ghatkopar. I spotted a Jhansi WDM2 at Kurla. We pulled into Ghatkopar quite late, and by now Deccan express got quite ahead of my train. My train rushed out of Ghatkopar at a very good speed.
The EMU slowed down once again right before Mulund, and crawled through Platform 3 of Mulund. Right after Mulund, my train crossed over to the Slow line and once again picked speed. My EMU almost overtook Deccan Express just before slowing down on entering Platform 2 of Thane. Just as I stepped out of the train, I heard the horn of the WDP4, and also heard the loco notching up! I rushed out and took a bus to college.
In the evening, I took the 16:23 EMU from Thane. Just as I entered the station (Thane), I saw the Kanyakumari Exp. rushed out. On the way, I spotted a WCAM3 hauled train, and the Pune bound Pragati Express (WCAM3 in charge). At Kurla, I saw the Nanded bound Nandigram rush through with a WDG3A in charge. I reached home at around 1730 or so. So that was all for the day! Bye, and a very good night!