An all Unusual day....

Today was an all unusual day!!! Right in the morning, I rose late from my Bed, and I ended up late. I had to drive like a maniac to make in on time for my 06:58 train! Just as I reached Kurla, I noticed that the 07:24 Kasara Fast was running late, and she hadn't yet reached Kurla. The platform was heavily crowded. The time was already 07:35. The PA system came alive, and informed that this particular EMU (07:24 Kasara) was running late by 10-15 minutes. The announcement was closely followed by another announcement that GRP (Government Railway Police) Personnel should attend the "soon-to-arrive" 07:24 Kasara train. Usually such an announcement is made only when the train has mowed down someone, or is carrying the corpse of a person who could have been mowed down by the train which just went ahead.
The 07:27 CSTM "Always Late" EMU pulled into Platform 6. The announcer mumbled something which was unclear. As ever, I kept my watchful eye trained at the down lines entering the station. I noticed an AC/DC EMU entering the station, and there is no AC/DC service via Slow line at that hour! The PA system came alive to announce that the train was my regular 07:41 Asangaon Fast. I ran for that train, and literally flew over the FOB to reach the platform just right on time. The EMU took the slow line upto Vikhroli outer, and then moved over to the main "fast" line.
My friend who is a regular on the 06:24 Kasara, was very much on that train (he boards from Dadar) and he had a harrowing experience to narrate. The train took over an hour to reach Thane from Dadar, and the train was frequently made to wait at signals!
In the evening, I left my college quite late and it was 1735 by the time I reached Thane. I took the Thane-Vashi harbour line local to avoid the rush at Kurla, and made it home by 1845! Bye for the day!


Unknown said…
Your friend had an unpleasant in the KSRA EMU bcoz the EMU left DR without its guard on board!!!