Winter outing: Update 2

So, Finally here I am in bangalore! The train pulled into YPR at 2045, delayed by 5 minutes (On Saturday, December 02 2006). The loco for the Pune-YPR section was WDM3A #18933R from Pune! The train had a delay of 40 to 80 minutes in the Hubli-Arsikere Section. The train had a non-stop (uninterrupted) run between Davangere and Birur. A distance of over 110 kms was done in just an hour and 20 minutes! The train was blasting off at 100 kmph at most places (I measured the speed by calculating the time required to cover a kilometre!).
The run was mind-blowing and it was fun to watch stations flying past! That was an experience of a life-time. The 3100-hp beast had no problems to pickup from halts - The rake was just 13 coaches! The composition of the train was; Loco-SLR-GS-A1-AS1-S7 to S1-GS-SLR!
I will be leaving for Trichur tomorrow in the morning by 2677 Intercity express. So - More photos and updates on your way.
BTW, the photos of the Mumbai-Bangalore trip is available here.Bye for the day!