This lady is too fast!

The day began, as usual, with enough delays! I left my home with just 8 minutes to spare for my train, and the station is about 2.5 kms from home! I did the distance in 3 minutes. Just as I got down from the EMU at Kurla, I saw the Madgaon bound Mandovi express blasting off towards thane. EMUs on the Down Fast line were running late, and I boarded a Kasara bound local (07:23) at 07:35. The Pune bound Deccan Express was running late by 15 minutes. I spotted an unidentified train snaking into LTT, the LTT bound Habibganj Express waiting at Ghatkopar Advanced Starter, and Latur-CSTM Express waiting at Ghatkopar station. The loco incharge of Latur Express was WDM2 #17735 of Kalyan. This train is now regular on Kalyan WDM2s. On reaching Thane, I saw the Mandovi waiting there with WDP4 #20015 in charge.
In the evening, I boarded the 16:23 Fast from Thane. The EMU had a Motorwoman in-charge! She maintained steady speeds in the Mulund-Ghatkopar section. The ride was smoother, and she braked with care! The Ratnagiri passenger was late today. I boarded a Belapur bound EMU at 17:04 from Kurla. Thats the end of the day!
There are some surprises in store for tomorrow. REMEMBER: Drop in again!