WCAM3's day out!

Another week, the last in the month, started off with delays. I narrowly made it to Belapur station on time to board the 0633 BR-CSTM local. The EMU crawled its way to Kurla, and finally made it to Kurla at 0708. The intercity was yet to rush through. I rushed my way to Platform 5. Just as I landed on Platform 5/6, I saw the Chalukya express rushing towards Dadar. The loco was a maroon liveried WDM3A #18651R of Pune. The train simply flew past the station, and the time was just around 0710. By now, the Pune bound Intercity express was seen rushing towards Kurla. The loco was WCAM3 #21895. I tried to have a photograph, but that turned out to be blurred :-(
I took the usual 07:17 Ambernath Fast EMU from Kurla. Our EMU slowed down near Vidyavihar....Guess what? I saw the Samarsata Express snaking its way towards Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. The composition of the train was, from loco: SLR-GS-S1 to S9-PC-S10-AS1 to AS5-A1-A2-H1-GS-SLR; making a total of 23 coaches! The EMU kept speeding through familiar territories in the Ghatkopar-Thane section. The Nahur yard was deserted. Finally the EMU made it to Thane. I wanted to see the Mandovi, but instead saw the Kasara EMU which usually follows the Mandovi pulling in. So that meant Mandovi was late! Just as I got out of the station, I heard the Vidarbha Express pulling in.
The examination paper had all the expected questions - In all another easy paper!
Finally with a light heart, I (with my friends) reached Thane at around 1330. As we descended towards Platform 4, a Mumbai CST bound Slow EMU pulled in. The ride was the worst I have had in recent months! The EMU literally crawled at speeds in the range of 15-40 kmph all the way from Thane to Ghatkopar. Just between Kanjur Marg and Vikhroli, our EMU was overtaken by a "light" MU-ed pair of WCAM3 (#21883+#21884). At Vidyavihar, I saw WCAM3 #21955 waiting outside the Electric Loco Trip shed waiting for a signal. Finally the train reached Kurla at 1410 hours! Just as I alighted from the EMU, I saw the Varanasi-Mumbai Mahanagari Express pulling in, with WCAM3 #21956.
I wanted to see the Ratnagiri-Dadar Passenger, but instead I saw light WCAM3 #21955 rushing towards Dadar. (Yeah! The same loco that I saw at Vidyavihar!). Finally, at 1416 a Belapur bound EMU pulled in, and I reached home by 1500! Thanks for reading this report. Just wait for more coming up sooooooon!