A livery matched train!

I had a "pseudo" Normal day today! I took the 0658 slow from Belapur in the morning. Surprisingly, I spotted the Vidarbha express at Kurla. The train was sharp on its time!!! The Deccan express flew towards Pune, and my Asangaon EMU trailed the Deccan. I noticed that the Mandovi was still on the platform while I reached there. The loco was WDP4 #20023, the very same fellow who worked the Udyan express when I had traveled on it recently! I went to college immediately after that.
I had Pharmacognosy practical examination today. The exam was average, and I had an unusually poor performance in the subject. I tried hard to put behind the day while I travelled back to Thane on an overcrowded MSRTC bus. I was tensed since I had plans to board the Ratnagiri passenger. The time was already 15:45, and the train is at 16:05. I had just 1.5 kms to cover, but the road is usually heavily crowded. The bus finally pulled into Thane station at 1600. The train had already reached, and chances of me boarding the train after purchasing a ticket was negligible. I decided to put off the journey!
I and Ranjeet (fellow IRFCAn) had plans to have some railfanning at Panvel. Ranjeet backed out. I lost interest after I missed the train! I took an EMU towards Kurla. I decided to stay there until the Deccan Odyssey goes past. I had some fun & action filled railfanning there in the evening. WCAM3 #21931 rushed past with the Pragati Express towards Pune. About Ten (10) minutes later, WDM2A #16810 from Abu Road rushed through with two VPUs in tow. About 2 minutes past 1700, the Nandigram Express (Mumbai CST - Nanded) rushed past with WDM2 #18579 from Pune in charge. I was waiting for the show stealer! At about 1703, a Belapur bound EMU entered Platform 7. A person standing on the platform in which I was standing (Platform #4) wanted to board the EMU. He jumped on to the tracks. I saw a diesel hauled train approaching the tracks on which he was. The Loco pilot switched the head lamps on, and kept blowing the horn until he got off safely. The train was the Deccan Odyssey. The loco was the DO special WDM3A #18719R from Pune. Deccan Odyssey has 17 coaches which included the 2 End-On-Generator cars!
I decided to call off the railfanning and rushed to Platform 7. I boarded the 1716 Panvel Slow, and settled down on an empty seat. Reached home at about 1800. In all it was a good railfanning day. Bye, meet you tomorrow with tons of spottings!