Narrow missssss!

The day started off with a long line of narrow misses! Firstly I missed the 0628 CSTM local from Belapur (I had plans of going a bit early!). Since I was carrying my camera after some long time, I wanted to catch the Intercity rushing past - But all I saw was the intercity blasting past the station while I was just getting out of the EMU at Kurla! The third miss of the day - The 07:17 Ambernath local came in with her headlamps on. I wanted to capture it - but the camera did not start up on time! The fourth miss - I was ready at the door to capture a pair of Kalyan WDM2s at Nahur. Unfortunately, the Vidharbha rushed across, and I did not get a chance to take out the camera on time! The fifth miss - The camera was on, the train was approaching. I pressed the shutter, but by the time the shutter actually exposed, the loco was half way past the lens! The train was a 23-coach Kushinagar Express!
Finally after 5-misses in a line, I got a sneak opportunity to capture the Mandovi at Thane. The loco was WDP4 #20022 - I was meeting this friend after a very long time now!
The paper appeared to be a deja vu! The same sort of questions that I had expected! Overall a good paper - the score should be good too! I left the college at 1300, and got a bus at 1310 - That was a TMT (bus operated by the local Municipal Corporation) bus at its worst condition! The bus was surely to gobble up atleast 40 minutes to cover the 11-odd kilometre journey! The bus finally reached Thane at about 1345. I was to board the 1350 slow towards Thane (I repent that decision!). The 1350 slow reached Thane at about 1355 or so. The local was almost crawling the entire distance.
The KR4 Passenger over took our train somewhere near Vikhroli. (The sixth miss!). I couldn't get the loco number, but that was surely a WDG3A from Pune. I reached Kurla at about 1425 or so. Some minutes after 1440, the Mahanagari Express rushed past the station (The seventh miss!). The train was too fast for me to grab the camera! Finally with a disgusted mind, I boarded an EMU, and reached home by 1530! Thanks for this read! There are some surprises for tomorrow - Stay tuned!