The KSRTC Trips!

I got an unexpected opportunity to board a KSRTC bus whilst my trip to Kerala in October. I had last boarded a KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) bus in May 2005. I boarded a Guruvayur-Kodungallur-Ernakulam Jetty 'Limited Stop Ordinary' bus, KL15 3963, Fleet Number TS838 of Parur Depot. The bus was of TATA make and I was seated right behind the driver. The driving was quite comfortable with the bus rarely making it above 60kmph and with smooth braking and pick up. The bus left Kodungallur at 0830 and reached Edappally at about 0935, covering the distance of about 32 kms in 65 minutes. The fare was Rs. 17.00.

I got my second opportunity on October 29. Since Private bus operators were beginning a strike on October 30, I expected heavy rush on KSRTC Buses and on Trains, and since I had to reach Ernakulam on October 30 for some urgent work and to board the Poorna Express, I decided to go to Ernakulam from Kodungallur (in Trissur District of Kerala) on October 29 in the night itself. Accordingly, I reached Kodungallur Municipal Bus Station at about 1930. I saw a KSRTC bus waiting for departure. I enquired with the conductor and he said that the departure time was 1940. The bus was working a Kodungallur-Ernakulam South Station shuttle service. The bus was KL15 1798, Fleet Number TA764 of Parur Depot. The bus was quite old and was a "Limited Stop Ordinary" service. The bus was of TATA make. The bus left sharp at 1945 and reached Edappally at about 2100. There was heavy traffic and the bus took a longish halt of about 15 minutes at Parur Depot.

I had two journeys on KSRTC buses this time. I'll put up an image of a KSRTC bus soon. So bye for the day!