A dead tiring day!

The day was one of the worst in recent days! In the morning all were normal including the Deccan express screaming past with a WCG2! As the Asangaon EMU in which I was travelling inched closer to Thane, I saw the Mandovi standing on Platform 7. I was happy that I would be able to see a WDP4 soon. Some moments later, I saw the train (Mandovi) moving out! Oof!I missed that fellow. My train pulled in about a minute after the Mandovi pulled out! I went to college with a heavy heart!
The day was too tiring that I had no chance of freeing up my mind until 1630 in the evening. I alongwith my friends left the college at 1700, and got a bus 1725. I reached Thane at 1800. I decided to go by the Thane-Vashi train instead of moving via Kurla. Just moments after I reached Thane, there was an announcement that 5018 Gorakhpur-LTT express was 3hrs late today (quite normal!!!). The CST bound Mahanagari express pulled in at about 1820 (about 4 hours late!). I boarded the 1830 Vashi EMU and kept watching out like a kid at the bright lights from the road outside! I reached Vashi at about 1900 and boarded the 1913 Panvel EMU from them. Reached home damn tired at 1930 or so! Goin for a sleep! SO BYE for the day! Meet again - 2morow!