The day an EOG roared through Kurla!

Wednesday was no ordinary day that I could sleep off! This was the day when I would be appearing for the first of a series of four Practical Examinations conducted by the University of Mumbai at the Final Year Bachelor of Pharmacy (Semester 7) examinations. We had our Pharmaceutical chemistry exam today. I was tense in the morning, but later relaxed out after reaching Kurla. I decided to stay at the door on the speeding 0741 Asangaon Fast AC/DC EMU. There were no crossings (Mail/Express) on the way, and that disappointed me to the maximum. I reached college at 0900 and was engrossed in preparations for the day. At abotu 0920, we came to know that the external examiners who had turned up where the same ones who had come for our First year examinations way back in 2004. The are two examiners - One a male and the other female. The "sir" has reportedly done post-doctorate and is known for his "off-the-way" questions. As soon as I came to know about them, I decided to abort studying and instead prepared for the worst.
The experiments given were easy ones. The synthesis went out well though the yields were low. The viva-voce was interesting. He was not interesting in a single question related to our syllabus. He asked quite general questions like - "What is the need for recrystallisation", "How is a Molecular weight calculated" and reasonings for the same. I finished off by 1500, though the scheduled time was 1700. I left the college at 1545, and reached Thane on time to board the 16:23 fast.
On reaching Kurla, I decided to wait for the Nandigram. Some minutes later (at about 1700), Nandigram rushed through with a Pune WDM3A. Right behind Nandigram was the Deccan Odyssey powered by WDM3A #18754R from Pune! The train was about 18 coaches long including its two Generators. The Generators truly roared through the station! I enjoyed the sight! I reached home at about 1800. Bye for the day! Watch out for tomorrow's update!