52 meets 55 at Kurla!

Surprised? Read on...

I had a normal day today. Took the 0633 slow from Belapur. One interesting spotting - While I was standing on Platform 5 at Kurla, the Pune bound Intercity rushed through (The train was probably late since I/C usually crosses Kurla at around 0706~0708, and today the time was around 0711). The loco had her markers on. Just as the loco approached Kurla station, some trespassers were noticed by the Loco pilot and he switched on the Headlamps and blew the horn continuously right till the end of the platform. Out of excitement by seeing the loco speeding up through the curve I even forgot to notice the loco road number!
I took the 07:11 Karjat local from Kurla. On the way, our train crossed the Deccan Odyssey somewhere near Bhandup. I reached college at about 0800. We had Pharmaceutics Examination today, and the paper was good. I had to get a concession certificate from my college since my season ticket is expiring next week. I had a longish wait to submit the application for the same, and the office staff told me to return at 1500. I told her that I'll collect the certificate on Friday and she agreed!
I reached Thane at about 1320 or so. I boarded a Slow local at around 1335 or so. I was travelling in a slow local after a long time now. I was anticipating a few crossings but nothing happened. As the EMU approached Kurla, I eagerly looked at the Kurla Diesel Loco Pilot's Lobby. I spotted an unidentified WDM2 (in maroon livery), WDM3A #18700 of Erode and WDG3A #13052 of Pune. The Pune loco was preparing to proceed towards Dadar to pick the Ratnagiri passenger. I reached Kurla about a minute later, and proceeded to Platform 7/8 to catch a Belapur local.
Some minutes later, 13052 moved out of the Loco shed, proceeded towards Dadar via the sidings near Kurla station. The loco proceeded at a very slow speed. Just as the loco covered the distance of the platform, I saw another WDG3A approaching Kurla. That was WDG3A #13055 from Pune bringing in the Ratnagiri-Dadar Passenger!!! Thus 13055 met 13052 just near Kurla advanced starter! That was a scene!
I boarded an EMU at 1416 bound for belapur and settled on a seat reading Hindustan Times. Thanks for the read! Please keep up the patronage. As I had mentioned earlier, the blog will be updated less frequently until December 01, 2006 due to my examinations. Please bear with me! Thank you.